The Liou's (Los Angeles, CA)

There is something magical about seeing and capturing the everyday life of others in a different stage or situation. We always take something away from it as we build towards the future. On a peaceful Monday evening, we spent time with Arjan, the shy yet playful older brother, Anjali, the angelic newborn sister, Reshma and Robert, the loving parents and incredible doctors, and auntie Amina, the wonderful godmother. Every moment behind the lens for this family portraiture session showed us the constant joys and difficulties of being a parent. And through it all, it's clear each smile and new memory far outweigh the diaper changes and sleepless nights. Thanks to the Liou-Lakhiani family for opening up your home and feeding us the sweetest most fragrant home-grown mangoes. We are overly excited to see what is in store for your growing family!