Candid Photography

The Wong's (Cincinnati, OH)

Dear Wong's,

"There was this really smart scientist guy who thought that people could learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if that happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy."

(Inspiration from Denali, a heartfelt seven minute tribute from man to dog

Yours Truly, M+S

Taemee + Drew (Long Island, NY)

Dear Taemee and Drew,

"But Rosie you're all right - you wear my ring
You hold me tight - Rosie that's my thing
When you turn out the light - I've got to hand it to me
Looks like it's me and you again tonight Rosie"

Jackson Browne, ROSIE

Yours Truly, M+S

The Xu's (Boston, MA)

Linda, like every little girl across the universe, is a fervent Frozen fanatic. She greeted us with a glowing smile and an adorable Elsa dress in which she donned herself. It didn't take long for her to show us all her Frozen-themed toys, stickers, and knick knacks including her fabulous Elsa wig. She was patient and kind as she taught us how to color and how to swing on swings. Linda's compassion effortlessly shines through and is a true reflection on the wonderful discipline and nurture from her amazing parents, Zikai and JP. But Linda's contagious personality and love of Frozen doesn't stop there. Just like the strong sibling relationship between Elsa and Anna, Linda is also an incredible big sister to little brother Xavier. She's gentle and caring when it comes to playing with baby brother, which is a darling sight to see. Thank you Zikai and JP for welcoming us into your lovely home and showing us how you all life, love, and laugh.