The beauty of life is choice. The difficulty with choice is choosing.  Each choice comes with rewards and consequences. But choosing a photographer doesn't have to be difficult, nor should it be filled with consequences. We want this choice, your choice of photographer, to be easy and rewarding. 

As visual storytellers, we strive to highlight the natural essence of any story or relationship. We chase after authentic moments, you know, those moments when you make silly faces at each other and think no one is looking. We believe documenting the perfect imperfection is more powerful than any awkward pose or false impression. We encourage you to let your hair down and just exist in the moment without a care in the world. More than making portraits of what you look like, we aspire to make photographs of who you are. To achieve this, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful relationships with people we meet. And only through genuine connection can we truly collaborate and construct something beautiful, something memorable, something timeless.

We hope you resonate with our approach. If you do, we look forward to getting to know you, and you to know us. To start, we are Mike + Shuo (pronounced: SHOO-oh), husband and wife duo that make up Main and Simple Photography. After 7 years of long distance, we bid farewell to our past corporate lives to turn our passions into our purpose. And on this journey, we discovered our passion for photography and our purpose to bring out the best in those we meet. When the Nikons are packed away, we share our enthusiasm for fish tacos, the steel city, and hyperactive dogs.

And you?